Coming soon!

Hello. Thanks for finding me! Actually I’m not sure that I’ve really found myself. As you’ve probably guessed, I’ve just picked up the keys for and I’m just learning how to drive it.

Once I’ve done that I’ll be back soon with a blog.. or something.


2 thoughts on “Coming soon!

  1. Beryl Palmer

    Great ! My daughter passed this website on. Have enjoyed your books so much – in fact have read them each 2 or 3 times ! Have travelled and lived in 14 countries and stories about the stones are doubly interesting to me.

  2. Janice Wilson

    Hello Victoria, Janice Wilson here from Canada, I corresponded with you about a year ago. This winter I have heard your interview with CBC on Chromatheraphy. Your comments were very interesting and loved the storytelling nature to which you answered questions. CBC ran the interview about 3 times, I am sure they too were pleased. When we last corresponded, I was encouraging you to write about coloured glass and it’s history. Your country is filled with live history on the topic and I would like to recommend this article; and a website Raw materials. I’m holding out hope for the second edition to Colours which would include minerals blended with silica sand, liquefied by heat and cooled to a beautiful state of translucency.
    Your book “Colours” is so chalked with information that I recommend your book to everyone in the Glass Arts Guild.


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